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the beginning

In March 2020, as birthday parties, recitals, field trips, and other activities were being canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Aaliyah Hall decided to make a contribution to her community. Driven by a desire to create something that would happen EVERY day for kids—something that wouldn’t be canceled, something to look forward to with excitement—the then 9-year-old launched Dreamland with Aaliyah.

Dreamland with Aaliyah is the increasingly popular storytime event on Facebook Live where the effervescent Aaliyah reads stories of hope and inspiration to children and their families every single night. She intentionally chooses books, stories, authors, characters, and organizations that support her vision of representation in children’s stories.

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Aaliyah's mission

In addition to the curated stories, Aaliyah seeks philanthropic opportunities to support organizations that are committed to supporting social change. After raising nearly $5,000 for No Kid Hungry and Moms of Black Boys United for Social Change, she hosted her most ambitious project to-date: an hour-long read-a-thon to honor BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) Mental Health Awareness Month. She exceeded her donation goal of $5,000 to support the organization that is “committed to showing up for communities of color…with a particular focus on Black women and girls.” 

Support for Dreamland

Aaliyah is supported by her 6-year-old sister, Ava Hall, who helps run SisterSister Studios, the home-based headquarters for the production. Aaliyah has gone live on holidays, “on location” from her family adventures, and even on her own birthday. She’s interviewed authors and community members and she has been interviewed by social media influencers like

Simultaneous with the growing popularity of the series, friends, family—and people who Aaliyah has never met before—have asked how they can show support. Aaliyah responded by creating a philanthropic component to her work and the response has been tremendous! Feeling truly inspired herself, Aaliyah plans to continue raising awareness and resources because she deeply believes that #representationmatters. She intentionally chooses books, stories, authors, characters, and organizations that support her vision.


Praise for Dreamland by Mixedish Actress, Mykal-Michelle Harris

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Aaliyah was Tinkergarten's Reader-in-Residence, summer 2020


Aaliyah & her father, David, in a segment on the Drew Barrymore Show

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Reading List

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, Aaliyah began reading a story every night on Facebook. Her topics have ranged from classic storytime books to ones that focus on contemporary themes and current happenings, including the celebration of Ramadan, Juneteenth, Earth Day, Pride month, Harvey Milk, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks. She personally chooses books that allow her to thread important themes throughout her Facebook Live events—themes such as the importance of gender diversity, friendship, racial justice, mindfulness, and hope.

View Aaliyah's reading list of her first 150 books!

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